Manufacturing & Production

Manufacturing & Production

Product 1: Clutch release bearing durability / endurance test rig automation​

Challenge: Our customer manufactures bearings for automobile
companies. However, for quality analysis these bearings were not checked.
They had to be checked under various parameters like load, temperature and
speed. Integration with computer and an easy graphical user interface was not
present which would help to carry out the test, neither were there reports in
graphical format.

Solution By Faralenz: We designed a test rig for our customer where these parameters “i.e.load, temperature and speed”, could be simulated and the bearings could go through a test before being dispatched to their respective customers.

Product 2: Gauge & Instrument Calibration

Challenge: Our customer is one of India largest two wheeler manufacturers a result of which they have to calibrate their instruments and gauges from time to time. They already had an application/software with them but it was made in Foxpro. The reports were available only in tabular form and no graphical reports were available. Foxpro program was running but there were some issues they were facing like the print command could
not run and hence no reports could be printed. Also, only windows ’98 would properly support it. Further, having made it in Foxpro the user interface ran completely only on keystroke commands.

Solution by Faralenz: We designed a brand new solution for them which ran on Windows XP and above. This was a desktop application. The use of this software was done to basically manage the gauges and instruments calibration data/record as per the standards. The
measurement of gauges and instruments is done every 120 days or 180 days and then it is checked against the applicable standards. Easy to understand reports are now available in  graphical as well tabular format. The reports can now be printed and referred to physically as well.

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