Smart Agriculture/ Agriculture IOT

Smart Agriculture/ Agriculture IOT

Product 1: Viticulture (Grape farming)

Challenge: Our customer is a consultant to grape farmers. In this farming several
different parameters are measured and then applicable solutions are implemented. For
example, the amount of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium decides, what kind of
fertilizers are to be used. The humidity and water content in soil decides how much water is
to be given to farm. If there is any disease to the grapes then, what kind of insecticides is to
be sprayed? All these different factors keep on changing hence the treatment also changes.
In order to get maximum yield of grapes a particular schedule was prescribed initially of
about a fortnight to farmers by the consultant. However, this was not enough to get the
maximum yield. The challenge was to establish communication between farmer and consultant on a daily basis and there are several farmers who require the consultancy. Also, the number of parameters described above is huge.

Solution by Faralenz : An android application is provided to every farmer or
grower. This farmer then goes out in the field every day and measures these parameters. After  measuring the parameters he inputs them in the given android application. On the other side the consultant accesses the database in which these parameters get stored. As a
result of which the schedules being provided to grower has become daily instead of fortnightly. WE have also created an admin portal for the consultant in which he can see all the different factors input by various farmers. He has ready-made templates also from which he can choose the schedules.

Product 2: Online Irrigation Control System

Challenge of farmer: A farmer has several  challenges while pumping
water into the field. He doesn’t know if there is a lot of trash collected into
his filter. As a result of which the flow of water is reduced and load on motor
increases. Further, if he comes to know about it he has to go all the way to
the pump and remove this trash manually. Also, he is unaware if anybody is
tampering with his pump. Moreover, in farming a farmer can’t pump water in
his field at all times; there are schedules as per the crop implanted. If the
schedule goes wrong then his entire implantation can go waste.
Solution Provided by Faralenz :  We have
created an automatic system to solve the above challenges of the farmer.
This automatic system can be controlled by desktop application, GSM, GPRS
and USB keyboard as well. We have created an automatic system to
schedule the timings of motor start and stop. Battery backup also stops
automatically when power starts. The system keeps on checking if mains
supply has started, if such is the case then battery automatically stops. In
the field there is a filter which stops the trash from entering the filed. Also in
the system there is a facility of back-flush. This back-flush happens
automatically when trash gets accumulated in the filter. Single filtration unit
consists of four back-flush valves. We have created the system which alerts if
someone tampers with it. Finally, data logs from last 48 hours are stored in
to the system.

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