Smart Building & Automation

Smart Building & Automation

Specialist in Hotel Technologies

The guests of your hotel value, above the classic concepts, technology put at their disposal to improve their comfort and sense of control.

Thanks to thermostats, totally customizable touch switches, compatible with aesthetics of the other installed mechanisms, and even their own Smartphones and Tablets,  guests can enjoy the light dimming, access systems, audio-video and a precise climate control, among others. Thus, one of the main sources of complaints becomes a competitive strength.

It is possible to achieve this objective at zero cost due to the fast return on investment.

More over we help you with your hotel ratings in Booking  and TripAdvisor through a specialized technological contract.

We offer following features in Hotel Automation

  • Lighting Control
  • Enclosure Control
  • Climate Control
  • Presence Detection
  • Common Areas
  • Energy Management
  • Advanced controls
  • Audio System Connections
  • Access Control

We are partner with Zennio. One of the top brand for Hotel and Home automation.

With Zennio BMS a Building management system which is an intelligent system for the technical management of hotels that allows the control and supervision of a hotel centrally

In Plain words, it means making the most of the hotel facilities by reducing energy consumption and providing critical information to the hotel management for data -based decision making.

Home Automation System

Control of all home automation functions from a single system based on KNX standard reliable, robust and proved in billions of installations.Co-ordinate professionals for climate lighting, shutters, sunshade,  air quality,  multimedia, access control and the communication with them, including video intercom. Safeguard your home and warn in case of any risk, such as fire, flood , smoke, gas or intrusion .

Our smart solutions are without switches or other additional remote controllers in wall. A single device with all the control. Touch panels and switches with capacitive technology and designed for you.

One design for all the rooms and functions. It is compatible with standard mechanism, such as sockets, push buttons, network, USB, telephone or TV connections.

We design together with the final owner and/or technicians the control system for the project, integrating all the necessary elements according to their needs. We help the installer in charge of the project execution.

We certify the right installation of the system. We keep the documentation of the project for the owner.

We are responsible for guarantees, enlargement and maintenance, exempting the developer once the installation  is certified.

Solutions we provide are

  • Local and remote control of the home building
  • Lighting
  • Enclosures
  • Climate and air quality
  • Multimedia support
  • Technical Alarms
  • Energy Management
  • Video Intercom
  • Security


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